10 things you did not know about orthodontics in adults

Any age is good to start an orthodontic treatment. A beautiful, clean and aligned smile has stopped being a whim to become a requirement. In the world in which we live, the image is not the old “letter of introduction” but an instrument of first necessity. That’s why age does not matter and it’s always time to put yourself in the hands of a specialist and start an orthodontics.

On the other hand, the technique has advanced a lot and the discomfort caused by the treatment is getting smaller, while the times get shorter.

In most cases you can practice orthodontics. Not only young children, but also some adults can suffer abnormalities in the gums or bones, so it is important to make a full evaluation before starting any treatment.

Orthodontics is not only an aesthetic treatment. Apart from being able to wear a beautiful smile, it is very beneficial for health, since it can help us to correct defects in the teeth that can become very annoying. This type of dental problems can produce from the loss of the bone to cervical pain … So watch out if something does not go well in your body.

You can take them and nobody will notice. Today there are not only metal brackets, there are also many possibilities that help with the subject of aesthetics. Personalized invisible lingual orthodontics makes many adults take the decision to wear it because the devices are not seen because they are behind. There are also other treatments like the “Envisaging” or the “Badge System”.

It is faster. They are faster than years ago thanks to the advancement of the treatments and the materials, which accelerates the process of correction of the teeth. Each treatment has its own dates of use, but more or less oscillates between 12 and 30 months.

It does not bother as much as they say. While it is true that being older is possible that some difficulties appear and may hurt a little more. That is not an impediment.

Improves self-esteem Smile without complexes, orthodontics rejuvenates the appearance of the face and will surely improve your self-esteem once the process is finished. The smile you’ve always dreamed of can come true.

It works well if you go to a good professional. Make sure you go to a clinic with the best professionals, always accredited and experienced.

Improves hygiene the bad fit of the teeth makes the hygiene dirtier, you do not get well with the brush and the tartar builds up more. With orthodontics you will get teeth well aligned and therefore, the time of brushing will be easier.

Are there prohibited foods? In the orthodontic process, if you have decided to put braces, try to take a diet softer than usual. In the case of the covers, unlike the fixed appliances, you can eat without restrictions while removing the “aligners” to eat.

The cost is worth it.   In this case, not like in the case of children, you are the one who pays for you. Therefore, you will know if you really need it or not. What is clear is that if you want to show off a smile and good hygiene, you should get an orthodontia.